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Lori Cass
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Judi Brayer, Summer School Coordinator 
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Summer Session I Course Details

Introduction to Women's Studies (WS-1100-190)

  Online Course - 3.00 Undergraduate Credits
 Seats are still available for this course!
Course Term and Dates: Summer I (05/27/14 to 06/26/14)
Location: Onlne Course
Meeting Days and Times: Online Course
Instructor: Dr. Shawndra L. Holderby
Prerequisites: NONE
Corequisites: NONE
Department: English and Modern Languages
Course Description: Cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural examination of the ways that language, images, and socialization have constructed women's roles. Examines contemporary women's issues (work and family, sexuality, violence against women), as well as the women's movement and the role of women artists. Emphasis is on students (both female and male) working to discover the impact of these roles and issues in their own lives as well as in the larger world.

Courses with insufficient enrollment may be subject to cancellation