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Summer Session I Course Details

School Library Technologies (LSC-5511-190)

  Online Course - 3.00 Graduate Credits
 Seats are still available for this course!
Course Term and Dates: Summer I (05/27/14 to 08/07/14)
Location: Onlne Course
Meeting Days and Times: Online Course
Instructor: Mr. James R. Lauritsen
Prerequisites: NONE
Corequisites: NONE
Department: School Library & Info Technolo
Course Description: This course presents an overview of typical network and Internet protocols with an emphasis on understanding the associated electronic delivery of instructional resources and services., The course will cover the basics of networking including wireless technologies, and basic web technologies. Assistive technologies for students with disabilities, consideration of classroom and physical space issues as they relate to technology, and the systematic renewal / planning for technology will also be covered. Technological aspects of the use of mobile devices and social media as they are associated to the school library will also be considered. A primary objective for this class is to develop an understanding of the concepts and terminology of computing networks to assist in working with technology coordinators and school administrators in the use and acquisition of computer related resources and the ability to envision (if not implement) ways of using various technologies for the 21st century learner.

Courses with insufficient enrollment may be subject to cancellation