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Alumni Hall Student Center
Student Life Office
Office Hours are: 8:00 AM - 4:15 PM M-F

Dr. Christopher Bridges
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
327 Alumni Hall Student Center

Donna Miner
Administrative Assistant
3M Alumni Hall Student Center
Phone: 570-662-4342
Fax: 570-662-4119

Organization Information

Clubs & Organizations

There are many clubs & organizations at Mansfield University that provide a full range of opportunities for educational, faith & religion, politics, social, cultural, ethnic and recreational experiences to name a few. Students are encouraged to expand their education with out-of-class activities. Search for a group that interests you and get involved today!

EMS (Event Management System)

EMS Room Reservation System

Conference Room Reservations

Meeting Facilities

Building and Room Administrators

NOTE: All organizations requesting rooms on campus must go through their ADVISOR.


Additional Information

About SGA


Club Sports

Field Trip Form
(Must be completed prior to any student travel.  One copy goes to Campus Police & another to the Student Activities Office).

Greek Life

Intramural Club Sports

Outdoor Posting Guidelines

Campus Events

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