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Political Science Majors Attend PA Political Science Conference and Present Papers

Majors Present Papers

Political science majors, Alex Young, Kalen Honeyfield, and Colton Long (pictured), accompanied Drs. Bosworth and Rothermel to the 75th Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Political Science Association held at the Penn State-Harrisburg campus on April 11-12, 2014.  

Alex's paper, "Analyzing the Paradox of Security Council Reform," analyzed three proposals to reform the UN Security Council.  He argued that increasing the overall membership of the Security Council was the most viable reform, which could potentially lead to de facto permanent members.  Kalen assessed the African Union's record in maintaining peace among its 54 members in his paper, "The Effectiveness of the AU's Peace and Security Council."  He found the most formidable obstacle facing the AU was its lack of monetary and military resources.  Finally, Colton examined the effects of the US drone campaign in Pakistan on US-Pakistani relations.  He argues in his paper, "Death and Diplomacy," that the importance of US's geopolitical relationship with Pakistan and the concerns of international and domestic non-state actors may have contributed to the decline in drone strikes in recent years.  

Drs. Bosworth and Rothermel presented papers at the conference as well.  Dr. Bosworth analyzed the 2013 Chilean election, and Dr. Rothermel examined the unresolved Guatemalan-Belizean territorial dispute.  They also participated in a Roundtable Discussion on Short Term Study Abroad Courses.  Dr. Rothermel served as a discussant for an undergraduate panel as well. This is the third year in a row that Mansfield has participated in the PPSA conference.  

Join Us in Belize! Short-Term, Study Abroad Planned for June 2014

Belize1Drs. Bosworth and Rothermel are organizing a short-term, study abroad trip to Belize, which is a small country located in Central America. The trip will be part of a six-credit summer course on Belize. The course will cover the history and political economy of Belize and its efforts to promote sustainable development and eco-tourism.

As part of the course requirements, students will travel to various parts of Belize for two-weeks. Among the activities planned, students will meet with government officials in the capital city, Belmopan, study conservation efforts such as the Baboon Community Sanctuary, interview local business leaders, and explore some of the natural treasures of Belize, including Mayan ruins. The course, which is limited to 12-14 students, is being planned for June 2014.

Recently, Drs. Bosworth and Rothermel traveled to Belize to establish contacts and become more familiar with the country. Our four nights and five days in Belize convinced us that Belize will offer incredible opportunities for our Mansfield students to learn firsthand the challenges faced by a developing country lured by the promises of globalization.

Belizeans are warm and friendly, and Belize is an example of a peaceful and stable, English-speaking democracy among a multi-ethnic people (there is even a thriving and important Mennonite community in Belize). We invite you to join us this summer studying one of the frontlines of globalization from the perspective of Belize.

MU Political Science Majors Present Academic Papers in Harrisburg

Kristin&Lucas Kristin Patterson, Lucas Haas, and Lillian Hines (not pictured) successfully presented papers at the 74th Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Political Science Association (PPSA) in Harrisburg on April 6th. The political science majors worked hard to revise and expand upon research for Dr. Bosworth's presidency course. Drs. Bosworth and Rothermel worked closely with the students and accompanied them to the conference. 

Kristin's paper, entitled "Decision Breakdown: Carter's (Mis)Management of the Iranian Hostage Crisis," was a multilevel analysis of factors that influenced decision making. In "George Washington's Executive Decision Making during the Whiskey Rebellion," Lucas used a comparative approach to highlight the significance of Washington's leadership as the first president of the United States. Finally, Lillian focused on one of President Roosevelt's major accomplishments during the progressive era in "Theodore Roosevelt and the Passage of the Food and Drug Act and Meat Inspection Act."

Drs. Bosworth and Rothermel served as chairs and discussants on numerous panels. Additionally, they participated in a roundtable panel on teaching political science. Dr. Bosworth presented a paper on teaching without a textbook, while Dr. Rothermel shared lessons learned on using foreign policy simulations in class. This is the second year in a row that Mansfield has participated in the PPSA conference. The PPSA is the nation's oldest state political science association.

MU Political Science Alumus Played Critical Role in War on Terror

AliSoufanAli Soufan, who graduated from Mansfield University with a political science degree, is considered by many to be a national hero. As an FBI agent, Mr. Soufan was the lead investigator in the aftermath of the USS Cole terrorist attack. Following 9/11, he interrogated numerous terrorists obtaining critical actionable intelligence and linking 9/11 to Al Qaeda. 

Mr. Soufan left the FBI in 2003 eventually starting his own global security consulting firm with offices in New York, London, Qatar, and Singapore. He has also been an outspoken critic of enhanced interrogation practices. He writes about his experience fighting terrorism in his book, The Black Banners: The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War against al-Qaeda

In the book, Mr. Soufan fondly reminisces about his Mansfield University experience. It is noteworthy that it was Mr. Soufan's writing skills that brought him to the attention of his future boss and mentor, John O'Neill, who was the head of the FBI's Counter-Terrorism Office. Mr. Soufan has visited Mansfield University and spoken with political science majors.  

To view a CBS 60 Minutes interview of Mr. Soufan, click here.