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International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

ISEPMansfield University's membership in the International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP), the largest student exchange program in the world, opens study abroad options with more than 150 universities in over 42 countries, both in English and in many other languages.

Since the fall of 2003, students from Argentina, Brazil, France, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom have visited Mansfield, and scores of Mansfield students have been abroad.ISEP students

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Here are the impressions of the foreign students who came to Mansfield in the Fall 2003 and Spring 2004 through ISEP:

"ISEP has been a great way for me to study abroad in the US. Everything ran smoothly all semester, so I could focus on my studies and get the most out of my stay. ISEP is a great arrangement, everything was taken care of before I arrived at the school. The housing, the food arrangement, the trips, it all made my stay comfortable. I had a great time in Mansfield and I would love to go back some day. I want to thank ISEP partly for this."

Mattias Andersson, from Sweden

"I chose the ISEP program to come to America but I had the choice to go anywhere I wanted! ISEP is a good thing because it s very easy to choose the country where you want to go, the list is really huge! One year in a foreign country is a very good experience, you meet different people, live in another culture and travel around! ISEP makes it easier to be part of an exchange program, it does all the administrative part of the travel, and then you just have to come, attend your classes and enjoy your stay! When you arrive, you live like local students, there is no difference between you and them and you can really discover the society you live in. I recommend for the students who want to apply not to be afraid about it, it's easier than you think."

Jérôme Chalmeau, from France

"The experience I had in Mansfield University was wonderful. First, because of the university itself. It is a very nice region. Moreover, people I met there were all friendly and helpful, from the university's staff to my international friends. I felt like I was in my own house from the day I arrived. I would like to emphasize on the ISEP structure. It definitely worked really well. I had no problems at all: dorms, meal plan, studies, work... everything was very nice. I want to thank the wonderful coordinator Monique Oyallon for her help. Finally, I just have to say that I will never forget this experience."

Guilherme Vaisman, from Brazil

"Although all the paperwork seemed impossible to get rid of at first, I have to say I didn't regret it once... I came here in Mansfield for two semesters and it was a wonderful experience. Living in a different country for more than just a few days or weeks has been a great way to both improve my language skills and learn about the culture, it helped me get over my prejudices! I made some very good friends, and I also had a chance to travel around a lot and see many places I could only dream of a few weeks before I came! The ISEP coordinator, Monique Oyallon, has been of great help. I would definitely recommend applying to the ISEP to anyone curious to see another culture!"

Foucauld Escaillet, from France

See all the possibilities and destinations offered by ISEP on the official website.