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Mansfield University/Huazhong Normal School (Wuhan) Exchange

Program Description

flag chinaWuhan, the 7th largest city in China with close to 8 million people, is located where the Hanjiang river meets the mighty Yangtze river. It is a hub of commercial, agricultural, and educational activity in a large river-plain valley, the land of fish and rice. The Hubei Provincial Museum holds more than 200,000 ancient archeological artifacts, many from the state of Zeng, circa 400 odd years BC. The Yellow Crane Tower, a picturesque historical, artistic and poetic center overlooks the Yangtze river and Eastern Wuhan, with a line of history dating back almost 2,000 years. Wuhan is also the birthplace of the 1911 revolution which sparked the overthrow of the Qing dynasty and the last emperor. East Lake is the site of a temple and Chairman Mao’s summer villa. Wuhan offers as well ancient Ming tombs, Taoist temples, and nearby Three Gorges dam.

Central China Normal University (CCNU)

Established in 1903, it is a comprehensive university earning both national and international recognition. It strives to provide oriental culture and western civilization to students. Full-time enrollment exceeds 20,000 students among which 5,400 are graduate students. Currently CCNU has over 400 overseas students from 37 countries, and is working at expanding relationships with the world to increase diversity on campus.

Sports and Recreation

CCNU offers the use of a state of the art, modern university sports complex able to accommodate 3,700 people, sports ground meeting international standards, dozens of indoor and outdoor basketball courts, many volleyball courts, badminton and ping pong centers, a fitness center and an Olympic outdoor swimming pool.

For more information about Huazhong Normal School click here.


Chinese is not a pre-requisite for this program. Students with no preliminary knowledge of the language will be able to take beginning Mandarin Chinese.

The instruction will combine language classes and courses offered in English: A General Introduction of Chinese History and Culture, and Modern China.

Living arrangements:

plum blossomsDuring your stay in Wuhan you will reside in Central China Normal University’s new International Students' dorm. Fees are listed below.

There are seven large dining halls on campus for students and faculty and you can choose from over 200 types of Chinese food representing all provinces in China. There are also some standard western and vegetarian dishes.

Housing fee: $180/month for a single room; $135/month for a double room; $90/month for a three bedroom; $60/month for a four bedroom.

Living Expenses (including food): $150/month.

All expenses are estimates based on cost at Huazhong Normal University and the current exchange rate.


The Wuhan Exchange program is open to all regularly enrolled students at Mansfield University and others who enroll at Mansfield for the duration of their study abroad stay. Applicants must be in good academic standing and must show evidence of maturity, stability, adaptability, self-discipline, and strong academic motivation. Generally speaking, students are required to have a minimum cumulative average of 2.8 GPA.


See living expenses in Wuhan above and visit our costs page for more detailed information.

Financial assistance:

drizzleThe standard forms of financial assistance are available through the Financial Aid office. Since students going to Toulouse remain registered at Mansfield, they remain eligible for financial aid packages. The study abroad coordinator works closely with the Financial Aid office to help students obtain funds to cover the additional cost incurred by study abroad. Mansfield students may qualify for a study-abroad scholarship (based on merit and need) of up to $1000.

Health and liability insurance:

Students need to carry sufficient health, accident, and personal liability insurance. Costs for students without adequate insurance can be discussed with the coordinator of study abroad.

International ID card:

Students studying abroad are strongly encouraged to apply for an International Student Identity Card (ISIC).

Planning ahead:

To gain the many advantages of a study abroad experience, students should consult with their academic advisers well in advance. With careful planning, participants in this program not only gain regular Mansfield credit but can usually apply the credits earned abroad to general education electives, language, and major or minor requirements. Students should check with their advisers about the impact study abroad may have on their progress towards graduation.

More information

For additional information and application procedures visit our information page.

For the application form visit our information page or click here.

Register with the department of state before departure here.