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Mansfield University... Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Greek Life

Greek Life

What is Greek Life all about?

Greek Life at Mansfield University offers opportunities for:

Scholarship: As Greeks, we pride ourselves on high academic achievement. Our chapters hold their members to a high standard of excellence. Chances are you will meet someone that is in your major, someone that has had the professor before, or just someone to talk with about a class.

Friendship: As a member of the Greek community you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Forge lifelong friendships-Chances are you will meet someone that you instantly click with. You will meet people that are in your class, your major, possibly your hometown.
  2. Develop a career and personal network-Did you know that most of the top CEOs and influential leaders in the US are Greek? It’s true, people such as: Condoleeza Rice, Coretta Scott King, Kenny Chesney, Ronald Reagan, and many others are Greek!
  3. Develop friendships within your organization and across the country-As a member of a Greek organization, you will have the opportunity to attend a national convention of your organization. You get a chance to meet organizational leaders, possibly make policy decisions, or get a chance to share ideas with other chapters.

Leadership: At Mansfield University, Leadership is something that we take very seriously. As a member of a Greek Organization, you will have opportunities to run for positions both in your organization and on a governing council. Also, most of our Greek students are part of outside organizations such as: SGA, Mansfield Activities Council (MAC), WNTE, MUTV, among many others.

We encourage you to come check us out!

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