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Stamp Camp

What is Stamp Camp USA?

Stamp Camp USA is a collaborative educational program that boosts children’s skills and knowledge through the use of worldwide stamps, envelopes, and other philatelic components. Campers, ages 8 and up begin by learning stamp collecting basics, including the proper care of a stamp collection and the use of cool stamp tools. After they learn the basics, campers select a topic and then hunt for related stamps, envelopes, and postmarks in the donations. These materials become part of their personal collections, to be used in their projects, such as creative three dimensional exhibits, or competitive stamp exhibits ready for competition. This year’s Mansfield University Stamp Camp will emphasize 3-D artistic stamp exhibiting and improving competitive stamp skills.

What Kinds of Activities?

Camp schedules may include:

  • scavenger hunts
  • creating travel passports
  • using identifiers and maps to learn geography
  • translating the mysterious markings on envelopes to unravel everything from bar codes to zip copes
  • transcribing handwritten letters (an activity that brings poor spellers into a "prized" team role
  • hands-on opportunities to soak stamps, sort them, and learn such basics of the hobby as how to hinge, mount, and display their collections
  • creative storytelling with worldwide stamps, envelopes and postmarks

Who Is Involved in Stamp Camp?

First introduced in 1995 in Pennsylvania's Northern Tioga School District. Stamp Camp USA is a non profit 501c3 educational organization that operates under a collaborative program structure. Partners include the United States Postal Service, the American Philatelic Society, and community volunteers and resources on the local level. Supplies and materials are obtained through direct program donations and community fund-raising efforts.

Why Exhibit?

Postage stamps, with their colorful images and real-life stories, have fascinated millions of adults and children ever since they first appeared more than 150 years ago.

There’s something to interest everyone in the world of stamps — nature, wildlife, artists, athletes, space ships, dinosaurs, monuments, historical events, faraway lands, and more! An ideal way to share your interest in these areas is by constructing a stamp exhibit for competition. Exhibit competition provides a stimulating environment to share your stamp collection favorites, while teaching others about areas that interest you.

Stamp Camp

Dates:  July 23 - 27, 2012

Time: 9:00 a.m. to Noon

107 Memorial Hall,
20 Straughn Drive
Mansfield University, Mansfield, PA

Registration Fee: $100 per week
(Includes all training and support materials, valued at approximately $125.00 and up)

Registration Deadline:
July 10, 2012

Camp Brochure / Registration Form